How to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Right Order?

How to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Right Order?

Is it really important to know when and in what order you apply your skincare products? We ask why we never feel the need to worry about the order in which we eat our food. Do not we add the same amount of sugar to the candies even though we eat them for the last time? That’s why we ask the skin expert the same question every time we buy a new product of skincare or We add another step to our routine: in which order should I apply my skincare products and is it important?

Why makeup order is important?

A specialist in skin diseases and venereal diseases and skin diseases and venereal diseases, says that the proper use of your skincare products guarantees your skin every benefit of every product.

The order of application is extremely important, The job of the skin is to keep things outside, but most skincare products we use contain ingredients that we want to use, only a very small amount of these key ingredients can enter the skin. Even if it is perfectly formulated and applied perfectly, if you do not use the products in the right order, you will not get the best results with your skincare.

How to place your skincare products: a step-by-step guide

So, what product comes with what, you ask? As a general rule, apply your thicker or thicker oil on your thinner products. In general, you think of the thinnest to the fatter, but you also want to use the most important products for skin penetration first (such as antioxidants in the serum, then the products on which you have to sit Skin.

Your daily schedule

According to a dermatologist, the morning routine is about protection from the sun, pollution, and bad weather. So let your scrubs and treatment products like retinol at night.



In the morning, start by spraying warm water on your face or, if necessary, with a mild facial cleanser designed for your skin type.


Most people do not have toner, as most toners are still thought to be hard and irritate the skin. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Although they do not physically “reduce” pores, the new generation of toners can serve many purposes, such as providing antioxidants, vitamin B derivatives, and even toner acids. In addition, each type of toner is for a different skin problem. Therefore, it is important to use the correct toner for your skin problem.

However, if you have spent your entire life without toner and your skin looks healthy, The toners are designed to restore the skin’s pH after the rough soaps have made the base, Facial cleansers are much better balanced than tonics, it’s not a necessary step for me, especially in the morning if your face has not been washed the night before. Alcohol-based toners help dehydrate skin by removing the skin, protective oils and water-based toners are a bad way to bring active ingredients to the skin. “


Serums are highly concentrated and nutrient-rich treatments that respond to specific problems. Therefore, it is best to keep them as close to the skin as possible. Different serums are available on the market today. For the day Dr. recommends However, Antioxidant Serums offer a number of benefits: they can reduce the inflammatory response of your skin and neutralize the damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollutants.


According to a dermatologist, it is important to apply an eye cream at least once a night, or twice a day, from the age of twenty. It’s about maintaining the health and thickness of the eyelid skin, and improving the quality of the skin in that area from the beginning will ensure that the skin of the eyelid does not lose its subsidence and flexibility so quickly.

For best results, consistency is the key. With regular use of the eye cream, the skin of the elastic eyelid is preserved and fine wrinkles or loss of collagen can be improved or prevented, remember that nothing is magical and the results do not occur overnight, You can better protect the sensitive skin around the eyes by choosing an SPF eye cream or applying sunscreen every day. people remember wearing sunglasses at night. outside to protect against damage from ultraviolet light and leaking lines. squint around the corner of the eye.


According to Dermatologist, should use prescription medications and acne treatments such as serums as close to the skin as possible to maximize their benefits.

Since the active ingredients differ in acne treatments, check the packaging of your product or consult your dermatologist to find out how to best use it. According to a beautician and acne specialist, prescription benzoyl peroxide, a common ingredient in the treatment of acne blemishes, lasts from one to three hours. Any cream that comes into contact with it before the end of its work is likely to affect the proper function of the drug.

Remember that acne treatments can dry out your skin. Use it only where you need it.


Yes, everyone needs a moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. Although your body has its own system for the natural lubrication of glands that secrete oil (or sebum) to provide protection against environmental conditions and severe infections, most of us need extra moisture and caustic chemicals after sun damage and bad weather. Our skin.

Most experts recommend applying a moisturizer when the skin is still wet. The sooner you apply the serum and the treatment, the sooner you can include the moisture you need so much with your moisturizer.

If you are using a localized acne treatment, you can ignore these areas when applying your moisturizer to ensure that the ingredients it contains do not interfere with the ingredients of your localized treatment.

Step 7: Sunscreen

Sunscreens should be the last step in your childcare service if you use a physical or mineral sunscreen physically blocking UV rays. This step becomes difficult if you use chemical sunscreen.

To be effective, chemical sunscreens must be absorbed through the skin. Using it after applying the moisturizer will delay it and make it difficult. However, if you apply your chemical sunscreen to your moisturizer, your moisturizer will not work as well because the skin is covered with chemical sunscreen.

To avoid this and for many other reasons, should always use a physical zinc sunscreen and apply it in his moisturizer. Zinc is safe, effective and offers the most extensive protection against UVA and UVB rays.

If you like chemical sunscreens, look for moisturizing formulas that will help you meet your daily fluid needs while protecting your skin.

Step 8: Your nighttime diet

Because your skin is naturally repaired at night, your nighttime routine needs to be treatment-focused and give your skin what it needs, If your skin looks dull, remove the scrub, if it is irritated, moisten it and protect it. Here is the best selection of skincare products for you to get the most.

Here are some Skincare considerations:

  • Choose from prescription medications (for acne or rosacea) and scrubs such as tampons, scrubs or AHA / BHA detox masks.
  • Using them the same night increases the risk of skin irritation,” warns. Rogers.
  • Like prescription medications, do not use retinol cream (over-the-counter or prescription) the evening of scrubs.
  • Exfoliating Treatments: Use sparingly one to three times a week.
  • Masks Detoxification / Clay: For most people, once a week is enough.

Time counts, too

In addition to the order of application, it is also important, according to some experts, to consider the time it takes your skin to absorb its products. However, as most of us are often in a hurry to go (or go) somewhere, that this is not always possible. Your advice? Keep your skin care easy.

Many products suggest that you should wait five to 30 minutes before taking the next step to ensure adequate absorption, but who has time to do so? If you complicate the task, you will not do it, If you have taken several steps, take a break (one minute) for each product to react with the skin, for example, after washing my face and applying serum or night treatment, I’ll end the day and go to bed Moisturizer on the bedside table and apply it just before bedtime to give these special treatments, which are usually expensive, a little more time to penetrate the skin before they are sealed with my cream.

Another tip, Listen to your skin Remember that you are unique and nobody else has your skin. Regardless of what the experts say, it is important to find the right one for you and always to be kind to your skin.


Step 1: Makeup Remover
Step 2: Cleanser
Step 3: Exfoliator or Toner
Step 4: Treatment Products
Step 5: Hydrating Mist or Serum
Step 6: Chemical Sunscreen
Step 7: Moisturizer and Eye Cream
Step 8: Face Oil

Can you layer serums?

Always layer by consistency. Lighter serums will be easily and quickly absorbed while the heavier hydration serums/oils seal in the ingredients and leave your skin soft, For serums that have more or less the same consistency, go with the ingredient that you want your skin to get the most of benefits.

How to Use a Face Serum?

To use, apply a few drops after you wash your face but before you apply moisturizer. Serums absorb deep into your skin, rather than sitting on the surface like moisturizers. Serums work great for specific concerns like acne, dry skin, brightness, and wrinkles.