Four Tried-and-Tested Hydrators That Suit Most Skin Types

Four Tried-and-Tested Hydrators That Suit Most Skin Types

Usage of hydrators Usually, I am a girl with mixed skin, but four months ago I moved into an apartment (we did not know that I had terrible ventilation) during the renovation of our house, which makes my skin drier than ever. normal. There is a lack of fresh air in the rooms that affects my face and my body, and my family’s skin has become significantly drier. I realized how important a healthy environment is, especially in the room where you sleep. I count the days that separate me from my beautiful home well ventilated (another week!).

In the meantime, I tried to counter this unfortunate scenario by drinking more water and drinking some of my favorite quick-acting moisturizers. Although these products are designed for dry skin, I think they work on many types of skin. Whatever category you fall in, any skin can become dehydrated from time to time. The following four products have been thoroughly tested and I know they are also popular with dry skin hydrators.

The Cleaner – CeraVe Facial Cleanser Moisturizer hydrates

An organic and vegan hydrator cleanser with a light cream texture. Cut makeup, dirt and grime without undressing, and you can also use it to remove makeup from the eyes (although the waterproof mask needs something heavy). Despite its light formula, it is full of moisturizing oils such as camellia, rose and sweet almond, as well as shea butter and vitamin E, as well as a small part of my favorite scrub, lactic acid . Massage and remove with a cleaning cloth. Country Muslin shawls are unbleached organic cotton, pleasantly rustic, but many brands have their own versions. Available here

Serum – HydraQuench Clarins Biphasic Intensive Serum

My skin is fresher, more fleshy and less tired when I use it. The texture is fine and absorbed very quickly (almost immediately). Therefore, it is the perfect serum for people like me, who do not like heavy products, or for dry skin as the base layer of moisturizer. It is also suitable for the spring / summer months, when you want to improve the process of hydration of the skin and Inca peanut oil (rich in omega 3 and 6). You can apply a moisturizer on top, but for me it has enough moisture to go directly to the sun protection factor. Available here

The balm – Weleda Skin Food

In addition to the feeling that my face has become drier since I moved, I developed elbows and ankles dry and scaly (attractive). That’s why I chose this moisturizer / dense balsamic. The formula is very thick and fat, so I wouldn’t use it all over my face, but I know many people who like to use it this way, since the list of ingredients is purely natural and non-comedogenic. You should not cover your pores. I think it is better to use it at night, emulsified in the hands and gently tapped in dry areas (it can be “diluted” with another lighter moisturizer). I put it on and put on my gloves while I sleep, and my hands seem to be better now. It also helped me remove dry spots on my elbows and I heard that it worked very well with dry heels. Available here

The Mask – Moisture Surge Clinic Night Mask

I like this creamy mask because it moisturizes and does not weigh much on the skin. It has the consistency of a day cream, neither too thick nor too thin, and contains good plasticizers such as glycerin, shea butter and mango and aloe vera. Although the makeup is applied during the night, I prefer to clean the excess material before falling asleep. I also used it in the morning and removed it after about 15 minutes (especially when I put on makeup to prevent it from “forming pilling”). However, one of my dry skin testers says it takes about 20 minutes. This is to test and determine how it works best for your skin. Available Here

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