Best Skincare Routine You Need

Best Skincare Routine You Need

Regardless of the amount of water you drink, the skincare is the most dehydrated and most sensitive in winter due to cold outside temperatures, indoor heating and relative humidity. Bass. Hard or scented soaps can cause dryness and rashes. Therefore, it is better to choose a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil, Aquanil or Dove Sensitive Skincare Bread. Short and warm bathrooms and showers dry less than long, hot baths. And dermatologists recommend soaking and lubricating: rub the skin to dry it and rub it immediately with a rich moisturizer to absorb moisture.

Your skin is dull. A natural accumulation of old dead skin cells can produce roughness and textures, and reduce the reflection of light on the skin, which causes loss of light. One or two peels per week can make a difference (but rub too hard and run the risk that your skin remains red, in lively, irritated, even scratched or traumatized meat). Consider a detergent, serum or skin containing alpha-hydroxy acid (for example, glycolic acid) or beta-hydroxy acid (for example, salicylic acid). Be careful if your complexion is sensitive, as they can cause irritation or redness. They are not tolerated by everyone.

Your elbows, arms, legs or knees have become rough or ashen. These areas can be updated with antifungal moisturizers such as AmLactin Lotion, CeraVe SA Rough Skin Cream or Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Daily Therapy Cream. A dermatologist can help you determine if psoriasis, eczema or keratosis pilaris can cause your roughness.

You will leave the stress of the holidays behind and a less than ideal diet could contribute to an increase in imperfections. Check the labels of your products to make sure they are “non-comedogenic” (meaning that they should not contain ingredients that clog the pores). Treat rashes with topical anti-stain containing benzoyl peroxide (included in many medicines, including topical treatment of Acac Effaclar stains from Roche de la Roche Posay, on-site anti-acne treatment of Neutrogena or creamy Panoxyl cleaner), Salicylic acid (a common acne drug) or Differin gel (a retinoid that can help treat and prevent small outbreaks),

They tickle like crazy. There are dozens of possible causes of itchy skin, and if they stop or disturb sleep, it’s time to undergo dermatological consultation. For now, gently cleanse your skin, add plenty of moisture and, in a desperate moment of itching, remove an ice pack or moisturizer with menthol, such as Sarna Lotion or Gold Bond Anti-Itch Lotion, which is stored in the refrigerator. The refreshing feeling calms and distracts the itchy nerves.

They notice signs of age, and that’s a nice thing. Why should not we proudly use well-earned lines that reflect a life of smiles and experiences? There are many effective treatments for treating cosmetic problems, including lasers, injectables, scrubs, treatments and creams for recovery. The best gift you can give your skin for the new year, regardless of your date of birth, is the regular daily use of sunscreen or a moisturizer that provides broadband protection (SPF 30+).

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