Anti-aging Tricks Look Younger Secrets that Work

Anti-aging Tricks Look Younger Secrets that Work

Start with the primer

If you are over-age and you want anti-aging tricks and tips, a skincare review can make you look fresher and younger. Our skin dries and becomes thinner with time as anti-aging. The products used five years ago, therefore, have a normal appearance. According to Robin Rylant, a famous makeup artist who has worked with Celine Dion, skin preparation is needed for a better routine. A high-quality primer fills small wrinkles and makes them less visible.

Forgo thick foundation

If you always apply the base directly to the aging of the skin, you will probably add years to your appearance. This thick top layer tends to fall into deep cracks that look far worse than the fine lines you try to hide. Apply a moisturizer, a base then a light liquid base to obtain additional moisture. Ryland suggests hitting it gently with a sponge instead of rubbing it.

Avoid clown eyes

Applying a flattering eye makeup requires precision. Unfortunately, vision tends to diminish with age. “If you do not look so good, you may not be able to dress properly with makeup,” says Ryant. Results may include oblique amounts of eye shadow or eyeliner. The solution: “Get a good magnifying mirror.”

Improve the shape of the eye.

As you get older, the eyelids tend to hang. The goal is to draw the attention of the eyelid to the very eye. Eyeliner is the key. Apply it in a thin strip along the line where the tabs start from top to bottom. This improves the shape of your eyes and creates the illusion of thicker lashes. Use soft colors and a light touch when applying eyeshadow.

Restore the eyebrows

“The eyebrows are extremely important because they frame the face, But eyebrows tend to become thinner and gray with age. To style your hair, Ryant recommends using an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your hair. If you put dust on the pencil, stay in position.

Do not let the lips bleed

Few things draw attention to wrinkles like the color of bleeding lips. This happens because lipstick is a cream and tends to slip into deep spaces, including lines around the lips. Use a moisturizer before applying lipstick to prevent color loss.

Fill the lips

Ryant offers three steps to create more sticky and younger lips. Begin by covering the lips with a primer. Then align the lips and complete completely with a pencil. Finally, use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick. Ryant sees good results, although Consumer Reports gives the impression
Keep your lips moist
Even the best makeup is fighting to hide dry, flaky lips. For this reason, it is important to hydrate frequently. Lip balms with shea butter, petrolatum or vitamin E work well, says Ryant. Find a product with sunscreen.

Bleached teeth

Whitening toothpaste can help eliminate surface stains and make your teeth clearer. To go deeper, try gels or bands to whiten peroxide. These products whiten enamel to change the natural color of your teeth. For more spectacular results, treat your dentist in the field and whiten your teeth in less than an hour.
Tired eyes rejuvenate
When your eyes are tired, the most obvious solution is to rest more. Sleep causes the release of hormones that help the skin stay thicker and more elastic.

Reduce dark circles

Due to adequate sleep, even dark circles under the eyes can be minimized. But in some people, the discoloration comes from too much pigmentation of the skin. In this case, lightening creams, such as retinol, hydroquinone, green tea or vitamin C may be useful. To conceal dark circles, use a concealer that is lighter in color than your skin and yellowish in color.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses have the triple task of appearing younger. A good pair protects sensitive skin around the eyes from sun damage. This will also prevent your eyes from intertwining, a movement that can produce additional wrinkles over time. Finally, sunglasses can help relieve the cataracts and opacities of the glasses that can affect your vision.

Sparse hair

With some simple styling tips, you can give thinning hair the illusion of having more body. Use a large round brush to lift the hair and add volume. Use the Cool button on your dryer to set the style. Style with hot rollers is another great option.

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