Aging of the skin is something we are proud of: we like small lines and wrinkles that make us unique. We also want to make sure that every day we take care of the small details of our skin, whether it’s hugging them or looking for products that make them soft if we wish. If you want to use anti-aging products, we have summarized some important routine habits for you. And even if you do not, it will benefit your skin no matter how mature it is.

Goodbye dry skin

If you feel dry, you know you are not alone. The lack of moisture in the skin should be offset by the frequent use of body lotions, creams or butter, such as Krystal Beauty Cream. Every day, when you step out of the shower, your skin is slightly wet and dry, apply the moisturizer of your choice by making light circular movements, just as you apply the moisturizer on the skin of the face. Better yet, use an invigorating scrub for the body, such as a silk scrub, while taking a shower to remove dull skin before moisturizing it.

Never jump SPF

When it comes to non-marketable skincare, you should never miss the SPF New Age Beauty Cream, when you plan to apply SPF on your skin, on the skin. skin, apply areas of your body exposed to the sun and apply sunscreen. And in doing so, you’ll have a travel-sized sunscreen bottle in your bag, along with your sunscreen for the face, so you can use them as needed throughout the day.

Self Tanning or Bust

Look for self-tanning products instead of exposing your skin to the potential effects of UV aging in the name of a golden glow. Self-tanners can help create the illusion of tanned skin without the negative side effects of sunlight. We love the St. Tropez Purity Water Tanning Foam because it is lightweight, water-based and easy to use.

Camouflaged makeup

Apply concealer on the spots of your complexion. If you want to hide them, try applying camouflage stains on dark spots in all other areas. We love Dermablend’s leg and body makeup because it contains a rich pigment, is suitable for all skin types and is so resistant that it can even cover tattoos.

FTW anti-aging serums

Add a few drops of your favorite antioxidant-rich anti-aging facial serum to your body’s moisturizer and massage your skin after a shower or bath. Antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from aggressive environmental influences. In addition, they can help clarify the appearance of dull skin and promote a youthful glow. We love the pure hyaluronic acid serum at 1.5% of L’Oreal Paris Revitalift.

Give love to your hands

Did you know that the skin of your hands is one of the first places in your body to show signs of aging? It is true! Show their love by adding another layer of TLC to your diet with a moisturizer such as Lanolips Hand Cream.

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