7 Ways to Hack Your Anti-Aging Routines

7 Ways to Hack Your Anti-Aging Routines

We have full confidence in our skincare today, but if there is a way to get anti-aging smoother, lightening and toning results faster, we want to know that. We ask the best dermatologists to optimize the best anti-aging products. Ready, finished, glow!

1- Sneak in vitamin C

Vitamin C is a panacea: it cleans the skin, it is important to soften the production of collagen and protect the cells from harmful free radicals. But that does not always work as well with other ingredients in the same bottle and can lose strength. The solution: prepare daily a cream enriched with vitamin C. Put a few drops in your palm. Brandt Power Dose Vitamin C for skincare in your usual moisturizer and apply it on the skin.

2- Make your retinoid less irritating

You’ve heard of it before: a topical retinoid is the main ingredient to reduce wrinkles and reverse the harmful effects of the sun. So, why do not you continue to use one? We assume that a powerful anti-aging irritates your sensitive skin too much, a dermatologist in New York urges patients to get wet before using them to improve their softening and firming properties, without any pungent and dehydrating effect. The moisturizer acts as a buffer, but the powerful ingredient can still slip on the skin.

3- Tighten the bags faster.

Keep your eye cream in the refrigerator, says dermatologist in New York. Cold cream narrows the blood vessels even further and reduces and inflates the pockets more effectively.

4- Chop your moisturizer

Well-Hydrated skin looks softer, more complete and more radiant. To maximize your moisturizer, dermatologist recommends adding a few drops of face oil (we love Olay Regenerist’s bright face oil) to a drop of moisturizer in the palm of your hand and apply it on wet skin.

5- Warm your mask

Get more from your anti-aging mask. A little warmth helps the formula soften the skin faster and increase absorption so that the active ingredients in the mask penetrate better, says Fusco. Allow the tube to warm up with warm water for one to two minutes.

6- Soften your cleanser

Sigh! With age, the cells of the skin turn less quickly, which means that the dead cells remain a little more on the surface. The result: a dull complexion. To make your skin brighter, Dermatologist recommends adding a spoonful of sugar to your facial cleanser. The small granules are gently removed from the dead and dissolved skin so that you can not do too much. Extra movement: “Rub yourself on your lips too.

7- Improve your eye cream

without buying a new one If you already use a topical retinoid for the face, place a small cotton swab in your moisturizing eye cream and apply it around the eyes at bedtime. The vitamin A derivative helps firm and soften eye wrinkles.


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