5 Easy Makeup Looks You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes

5 Easy Makeup Looks You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes

We all have good intentions. Our goal is to get up five or ten minutes early each morning and master the art of subtle outlines, draw a perfect and thin cat’s eye, or at least put on concealer. But the beds are hot and makeup is (sometimes) difficult, and we mostly use the same bun and mascara with dirty hair.

But instead of following the same program until the seventies, try something new. And before saying that he did not know how or where to look, we worked hard to find the best make-up tutorials anyone could find. And yes, each of them can be done in less than ten minutes, assuming it’s not the first time you touch makeup in your life. Keep reading (and look!) To inspire you.

1. A subtle, everyday look

This beauty blogger combines subtle contours, acne coverage, eye shadow and eyebrow applications, and false eyelashes in a surprisingly fast and easy-to-follow tutorial that ultimately looks totally natural.

2. An incredibly simple smoke eye

The fat eyeshadow that has just come out of bed should not require three hours of deep work. Fortunately, it only takes five minutes (OK, maybe a little more if you’re an absolute freshman).

3. Makeup for oily skin

The ultimate goal is to wear a complete makeup without giving the impression that you are wearing a complete makeup. This superfast tutorial combines high-end and low-end products for a natural matte finish.

4. Makeup for dry skin

For makeup to look realistic on dry skin, you’ll need to apply a few dozen layers of moisture using primers, face masks, and cream-based makeup, as do makeup artist.

5. Winged eyeliner made easy

No, we promise. A cat’s eye is not as heavy and difficult as it looks, and this quick guide makes it really easy with just a Liner Liquid pen. Once you master it, you can look back in less than two minutes.