40 Christmas Makeup Ideas For Your Next Christmas Party

40 Christmas Makeup Ideas For Your Next Christmas Party

Your Christmas makeup idea depends on your makeup is as important as your outfit, your gifts, and the big day’s Christmas dinner. So do it right the first time. We’ve inspired you with these Christmas make-up ideas that you can copy this season!

Raise a chair, put on your makeup bag and sit in front of a mirror. It’s time we played in your makeup box!

1. Golden shiny eyes + red lips


When it comes to Christmas, there is no more iconic look than red lips and golden eyes with glitter: two of the biggest shades of the holiday season. To get that shiny look of eye makeup, you need to start with a primer. It is important to make sure that the makeup of your eyes does not move at all. Glitter is used to reach everywhere. Be sure to hold a tissue under the eye so that any spilled material can be recovered. You can also consider applying translucent powder and then clean everything with excessive brightness when finished.



The smoky Eys aspect is a favorite among Christmas parties, as it adapts to any party attire you can think of. The only thing we do not like is that we remove our smoked makeup the next morning … because you know we will not remember it before going to bed that night! This is good advice if you have trouble removing your old makeup and it is also great for your face! Coconut oil is not only an excellent makeup remover when used with a cotton ball or cotton, it also nourishes and moisturizes your face!


Green is a very bold old color tone that you can use in makeup, but it is quite achievable once you know how to balance it properly. You must know the right shade of green depending on the tone of your skin and the color of your hair. You must also know how to use it properly to get the best effect. You should start with the eyes if you are looking for a fat tone like those dark green eyes. Leave the base and everything else until you’re done. The eyebrows and the eyes will be the most striking part of this look. So start with them and silence the rest of your makeup program to highlight the greens without upsetting them.


And if you’re not brave enough to aim for a solid green eyelid, why not a green eyeliner? We love the way it’s here with Gold Pop to bring the two festive colors together. If you are looking for Christmas make-up this season, you could do a lot worse. Here’s a good tip if you do not have green eyeliner on hand and, let’s face it, who has it? You can use a normal eyeshadow eyeliner with a small lid filled with water and your normal green eyeshadow. Dip the brush into the water, remove the excess moisture, then dive into the green eye shadow. Wear it and put it on as you would with a classic eyeliner. You may find that you need a few layers to suck up the green pigment, but you can get exactly the same look as a liquid eyeliner.


It’s hard work to put big eyes and labia at the same time, but this combination of gold and dark red shows you how to do it right. Although the eyes are full of brilliance and glamor, they are rather sober. Big red lips are doing the job for which they were designed. This tiny hint of shimmering white / pale in the inner corner of the eye really helps open it, and it works with the golden eyeshadow!


The cut fold is so hard to do at home, especially if you’ve never done it before. The only advice we would definitely give you is practice, practice, practice! Start by working on the cut crease, then clean it if necessary. Trying to get the eyelid naked and then adding the darker or lighter cut is a lot harder.


If you do not want to choose a traditional black eye, why not brown? With the right shades of color, the look is just as striking, but it’s much easier to wear than the dark and dark tones you normally find. You can use the browns in your highlighter and outline palette if you do not have the right tools. We managed, with a single outline and a large palette.


To get good nude lips, you must first make sure your lips are in good condition. Start by using a lip scrub. You can even use a homemade sugar scrub with a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin cells. Then apply your balm and leave plenty of time to soak while doing the rest of your makeup program. At the end, use a lip pencil to “paint” lightly at first, this gives a more complete look. Once you have added your bare lipstick and have the luster (if you wish) on the top edge, apply a touch of highlighter to the center of the lower lip so that it looks thoughtful and bigger.


For a real difference in this holiday season, do not settle for an old smoky eye, add a touch of sparkle! It instantly illuminates things and can also prevent you from appearing too “gothic” if your smoky eye has become much sweeter than expected. If you want to copy simple Christmas makeup ideas this season, add a splash of sparkle. Whatever color or color you use for your smoky eye: brown, black, anthracite or even colors such as green and blue are instantly more festive with a touch of brightness.


If you want to use darker lipstick shades and want to use them properly, you should keep them for the night or for big events. Wearing a plum look at the office during the day can be excessive unless you keep the rest of your makeup relatively naked and subtle. If you do not know which dark lipstick to use for your clear eyes, you need a burgundy color with a touch of pink, and darker eyes may opt for a brown-colored effect.


To refresh your makeup for this holiday season in a very bright way, take your silver ornament and buy a small drop of silver glitter. If you have added your traditional black eyeliner, give it a little more by lifting the edge with its silver eyeliner and applying as little shine as possible to bring it to life. Simple, effective and perfect for Christmas!

12. Emerald Smokey Eye

This dark green smokey eye is skillfully mixed with a darker brown in the eye cavity. It’s a really simple addition if you’ve never tried it before. This aspect is used by older women to help them look younger. Once you have applied your green shade to the entire eyeshadow, use your large, lustrous paintbrush again to blend some of the darker shade of the frame and then gently mix green with brown. You do not want to cover one color with another, it’s about mixing.


If you only invest in a makeup machine this year, you should use it as a highlighter. A highlighter has the ability to completely transform your face and makeup with a simple pull. Applied to the upper cheekbones, you look younger and more attentive thanks to the reflective properties of light. You can even help reshape your nose by placing something in the middle and then on the tip. It’s one of those beauty products you just can not live without, and it’s important to create Christmas make-up ideas to copy, like this season.

14. Brown and golden eyes

What’s better with gold than with brown? Especially if you want a subtle but festive Christmas look that does not suit many colors or products. It is easy to mix the gold (inner corner of the eye) with the dark brown (outer corner of the eye and orbit). One good tip we’ve learned is to practice mixing in your hand before moving it to your eye. This is one of those exercises that create perfect situations.


If you have trouble using false eyelashes, like many of us, here’s a smart tip that will make your life easier. Before applying the eyelashes, they can be a little too straight, which makes them extremely difficult to apply. If you wrap your lashes around a makeup brush or even around your thumb for a moment, they look more curved and easier to apply on your curly eyelids. This spectacular Christmas makeup would not be complete without fake, and this little trick will help you make up faster!


If you want to get a look so glamorous, you must learn to associate your eyeshadow. The easiest way to do this is to mix two colors by hand or arm. If you are working with deeper and duller tones, such as Christmas make-up ideas that you can copy this season, it’s best to start with a little eye shadow and chart your way. It is easier to use more when you need it than to remove it when it is already on your face.


And if you like the brown color, but want a completely new way to use it, than the brown, nude and neutral tones with which you mix the color, what about the gold? As can be deduced from this idea of ​​smart makeup, the appearance does not have to be completely transformed. Only a touch of gold in the inner corner of the eye is enough not only to open it and make it brighter and wider, but also to give an idea of ​​the occasion. Perfect for Christmas, if you ask us!

18. blue eyes makeup

Gold looks great with blue eyes, but there are some nuances with which you could experience if this golden-yellow shade does not meet your expectations. Rust/terracotta tones are also great for big baby blues, and you can also add a pink / purple color to your gold. You can experiment with many sounds. Maybe it’s time to start? Take one of the looks you see here as inspiration, then personalize it: add your own hues and even shine if you want.

19. GOLDING BRIGHT EYES + Light pink lips

Why not invest in a good lip balm to have big fleshy lips like these pale pink beauties? A primer helps keep your eyes in control throughout the day. However, a good glossy upper layer with a complete effect could give you the pout you’ve always dreamed of. If you do not like the sensation of lip gloss (they are often quite quivering), you can try a trick that reflects light. A bright, shiny eye shadow in the middle of the lower lip makes it look bigger, and you can also add a touch of brilliance to Cupid’s arches.


Beautiful neutral tones, you may not have thought about combining green and brown for your Christmas makeup ideas, but as you can see, there are two shades that combine perfectly … when they are mixed properly. If you want to become a professional in eye shadow mixing, work with the wrinkles you already have. Use your brush on the depression at the top of the eyelid to reach the outside of the eye cavity and use its natural lines and contours. Start with the outside corner and brush the brush with light movements of “soft toys”. With the right brush and the right technique, your eyeshadow will blend like a pro in no time.


How about a classic party looks? Golden eyes, many liquid eyeliners and an explosion of red and opaque lips complete the whole. It’s so classic and so glamorous that you understand why he’s on the list of Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season! If you find it hard to keep your hands steady when applying eyelashes to this crazy look, keep your elbows on a flat surface and look in the mirror. This can help stop frequent shaking if you want to focus on this operation, and stability is still important for a significant part of makeup.


What do you think of a dark purple/plum shade on the lips? It can be quite discouraging to use a very deep or rich tone, especially if it’s the first time, but one thing that can really help you is to talk to your local pharmacy or makeup provider. People who sell makeup often know more than you think. Why do not you wonder what shade of rich, deep lipstick you should buy? Alternatively, you can do a little research to find out what interacts with your skin and the color of your hair and try to combine them from there. Not all colors are suitable for everyone, and it’s just a question that flatters you more.


If you’re really struggling to pinch eyeliners, stop worrying. The more you are stressed, the more you risk losing it, and that will only overwhelm you more.


If you want to look super glamorous for the holidays, think of makeup like that! This makeup offers bright, sparkling eyes with a classic Christmas lipstick. Such makeup would be perfect for a party. You can check the products that created the look on the artist page below.


Be bold this Christmas with eyeliner. The eyeliner can be used in different ways, but it is glamorous and has a wide band. You may have to train a bit, but the end result will be worth it. Recreate this look or try the eyeliner with different eyeshadow colors.

26. Golden scissors with dark red lips

Warm-up your look for the winter season with this makeup. The eyes are coppery. This was created with the Prism Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The brightness is LYCHEEXO. For lips, you need Frenemy’s Tarte Cosmetics lipstick or a product like this.

27. brilliant golden eyeliner

Then we see gold and green. But the eyes are dramatic and elegant. On the upper eyelid, there is a slight mixture of black and shiny eyeshadow. On the lower eyelid, you will see a dark green eyeshadow with an eyeliner with jewels. It’s an idea so glamorous and festive. For a bolder look, you can choose a brighter green.


Red is an essential color for the holiday season. However, if bright red is not for you, try applying makeup as follows. For this aspect, the eyes start in dark red then gradually blend into black. The eyes are finished with the eyeliner. It’s a modern way to wear red at Christmas.

29. bright and shiny eyes

Looking for stylish make-up ideas? So this next look is for you. These eyes have a soft glow, which gradually becomes a dark shade. This makeup is perfect for women who want to be stylish and glamorous for parties and other special occasions. You can also make up on the eve of the new year.


If you want a party makeup without exaggeration, then this idea can be perfect. We have here an eye makeup with a beautiful eye shadow and an eyeliner that you can wear throughout the year. If you add a little shine, it will look fun, but also elegant.


Maybe all the bright, festive colors are not your thing. If so, you must try this next look. This makeup is super stylish, but does not show the classic Christmas colors. The lips are dark purple and the eyes have a similar color. Such makeup can be worn all winter and looks adorable for any occasion.

32. Pretty pink smokey eyes with a bright silvery

Do you use the classic black eyeliner? So this makeup idea is perfect for you. This look shows the black eyeliner with neutral and pink eyeshadows and finally a touch of silver glitter. The silvery glow only shows that you feel festive, but it also allows you to wear the stylish makeup that you would normally wear.


We could not have a Christmas makeup without a beautiful golden appearance, and here it is! This idea of ​​daring and golden make-up is simply breathtaking. The eyes have an elegant combination of golden glitter shadow and a strip of eyeliner. It would look great for a party. You can see all the products that created the look on the artist page below.


Then we have another aspect of the double coating. The eyes have a beautiful and bright mixture of eye shadows, which are provided with a black and gold eyeliner. It’s such a beautiful and elegant idea. Recreate the black and gold look or try black and a different color of brightness. The look was created with a matte black liquid eyeliner and a glittery gold eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics.

35. dark eyes and red lips

Our next idea shows the festive shine and red lips of Christmas. A shiny look like this is perfect for the season because it’s fun, glamorous and stylish. So you can wear makeup at any holiday event. The shine used for the look is ilo Cosmetics Mystical Glitter and the red lips come from All Nighter’s Covergirl Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick. With these two products, you can.

36. Look makeup eyes

Glitter can be used with any combination of eye shadows. Here is a good example. These eyes have a combination of light in the dark with an eyeliner and a silvery glow. What we really like about this idea is also the glow in front of you. It’s a modern party look and can be recreated in any bright color.


Add a touch of vintage glamor to your look with makeup like this. The eyes shine with a classic eyeliner. There is also a white eyeliner on the lower eyelid. The white eyeliner not only gives you a vintage look, it also gives your eyes a bigger look! We love this idea of ​​makeup!

38. bright eyes and dark red lips

If you like the brightness and the holiday season, this idea is for you. This makeup includes a brilliant shine and dark red lips. It’s an awesome look that’s perfect for Christmas and the new year. You can see the full list of products used on the artist page below, but if you only want shine, it’s from Eye Kandy Cosmetics at Marshmallow. You can wear glitter like that with any makeup.

39. silver eye makeup

Then we have this super glamorous look. The eyes have a beautiful silver-tone with sequins and a black eyeliner. Such makeup is a great option for women who want to try a little shine without being too exaggerated. Combine it with red lips for a bold and festive look or with nude or pink lips for a subtle and elegant makeup. Anyway, you’ll look great!


Maybe you just want to be stylish and beautiful without all the brightness and vivid colors. If that sounds like you, then look at this makeup. The eyes are of a beautiful brown color smoke. These colors are warm, modern and will look great for any occasion.

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