1. Use a spoon to apply mascara easily
    All the women had the pain of getting rid of eye makeup tips and tricks just to realize that they had makeup mascara on their eyelids. Well, thanks to this tip, you can finally eliminate this annoying problem. You just need a spoon from your kitchen and you will soon have the perfect mask. Simply place the tip of the spoon under the eyelashes before applying the mask as usual. Now all the waste or excess of the product ends up in the back of the spoon and not in the face.
  2. Never apply concealer on your eyelids.
    Although you may be tempted to apply Corrector or Foundation on your eyelids, you should always refrain from doing so. When using concealer under the eyes, you can mask dark circles and puffiness. Applying on the eyelids can spoil the makeup of the eyes by causing wrinkles.
  3. Use a ribbon or spoon to look at the cat’s eyes
    Creating the perfect cat-eye style with the eyeliner can be difficult. Not only is it difficult to find the ideal film and shape, but it must also match each page. Use a spoon or ribbon to find the perfect cat movie. Start by drawing a straight line from the outer corner of the eye along the edge of the spoon. Then trace the curved edge of the end of the band to the eyelashes and complete the wing.
  4. Form your eyebrows makeup tips and tricks
    The shape of your eyebrows should not be difficult. Just follow these steps. Start by brushing your eyebrows with a can so that the hair stays naturally. Next, use a soft, waxy wax pin to carve the outside of the forehead with the thinner end of the tip. Fill your eyebrows with the shallower angle of the pen with short, hairy strokes. Finally, mix a highlighter under the brow bone to lift it.
  5. Eyelash heater makeup tips and tricks
    If you notice that your lashes are bending normally for a short time, try heating the curling iron before using it. Just as your curling iron keeps your hair in shape during the heat, so does your eyelash curler. Just use your hairdryer to hit your eyelash curler with a blast of warm air. Cool slightly after heating so that the eyelids do not burn. Then tighten the eyelashes as usual.
  6. Adjust the color of the lips to the cheeks.
    The combination of the color of your lips with your cheeks creates a natural, coordinated and beautiful look. To get the look without a dual-purpose product, you can easily turn your favorite lipstick into a cream. Simply apply something on the back of your hand before putting your finger on your cheeks.
  7. DIY gel eyeliner makeup tips and tricks
    If you are in desperate need of a gel eyeliner and you do not have time to go to the stores, you can create your own. All you need is a normal kohl pencil and a lighter or match. Hold the pin under the flame for one second before allowing it to cool for 15 seconds. The consistency of the pencil changes before your eyes because it is softer and easier to apply. Your new gel eyeliner should now slide easily over your eyes.
  8. Fast Smokey Eye makeup tips and tricks
    Although many Smokey Eye looks require different shades of eyeshadow and many blends, there is a quick and easy alternative. Just use an eyeliner to draw a strange hashtag on the outer corner of your eye and mix it with a stain. When this happens, it instantly creates a murderous and smoking eye that is dark and bright in the right places.
  9. Extend your lipstick makeup tips and tricks
    Whether it’s a glass of wine or her husband’s cheek, lipstick has a special ability to land anywhere except on the lips. If you find that yours disappears before the end of the day, try applying this handy tip to prolong your life. After cleaning, place a tissue on your lips and sprinkle with translucent powder. In this way, you can improve your color and extend it instantly.
  10. False cheekbones
    Although not all are born with lethal cheekbones, we can all pretend. All that is needed is simple modeling. Begin to lean over to find the slots in the cheeks and apply a deep or bare blush or contour powder to the area under the cheekbones. Next, apply a peach blush that emanates from the apples of your cheeks and moves outward while gently mixing it with the blush. Finish the exercise with a shine on the cheekbones and under the temples.
  11. Exfoliate your lips
    For soft, smooth lipstick-friendly lips, rub gently with a baby toothbrush. To make the process even more effective, use a simple homemade lip scrub and apply it in a circular motion. All you need is brown sugar and coconut oil for a simple, beneficial and natural exfoliation.
  12. Tight
    For women who like natural make-up, fitting the lines is an excellent learning trick. Eyeliner is applied directly to the lash base for a more complete and defined appearance, without the appearance of makeup. Use a paintbrush to gently squeeze the gel coat into the roots of the upper lashes.
  13. The trick with lighter lid
    Add one or two drops of argan oil before application to get a clearer opacity with your base. The blend provides a beautiful and light formula that is easy to apply on the skin for excellent results. As the oil creates a shine and compensates for the reflection of light through the skin, it is also a great way to look good on images.
  14. Fuller lips
    For women with a small pout, sweeping may be the key to getting wide and voluptuous lips. All you have to do is follow Kylie Jenner’s example and apply the lipstick just outside the natural line of your lips, focusing on the morphogen and half of your lower lip. The extra line makes your lips look bigger and thicker immediately.
  15. Shiny skin with your base
    The shiny skin looks young and radiant. Use this helpful tip to create a radiant complexion on days when your skin is a little dull. Mix a small amount of golden or pearly white eyeshadow on the base before application. You will quickly notice the incredible buoyancy it gives to your face.
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