How can I get Korean skin naturally?

This is only part of the Korean skincare tips and tricks, Korean skincare hacks which are not about heart products, but about skin-friendly methods and techniques. But on days when I need a quick fix, here are 12 Korean Skin Care Hacks for Flawless Skin that changes your skin from bluish to amazing every day.

Here are 12 Korean Beauty Hacks for Perfect Skin

1. Treat your face with a steam massage in the shower.

Dermatology clinics are located in every block in South Korea, where you can get a facial massage as simple as a low-cost manicure. I recommend not only making circular movements with your fingers but also rotating movements from forehead to cheekbones and jaw. The massage increases blood circulation and creates a moist complexion. For an added benefit, use an oil cleanser to maximize fluid consumption.

2. Scrub with a washcloth soaked in hot water.

My aunt is 70 years old and has no wrinkles. Your secret? Every day, the face is massaged with a plump wipe with circular motions.

3. Wear a carbon mask.

The purchase of cloth masks is as common in South Korea as the purchase of Kleenex. A real ingredient? Charcoal. Detoxify and exfoliate your skin and all you have to do is leave the leaf on your face for 15 to 20 minutes while you relax. I like this one from Dr. Jart.

4. Try blurring to get perfect skin in HD.

You know, when you get out of bed and think my God, how can I hide everything? Try the trick of Korean blur, which basically consists of using one or more smart cover products (my goal is the Iope Air Cushion Foundation) with a make-up brush to eliminate and “remove” unwanted blemishes. If you use an air mattress primer, a Korean specialty cosmetic, it can disappear like a professional because the formula goes from the lightest to the most complete every time you use it, without seeming heavy.

5. Apply face cream between two coats of moisturizer.

Many modern Korean women believe that essences are the key to sealing all the details of their daily cleaning. Essences are soft solutions, rich in skin nutrients (non-tonic) that moisturize the skin and apply after cleansing (this is one of my favorite new Mizon solutions). The next step is to add a serum. Then you can add your moisturizer to get maximum elasticity and hydration of the skin.

6. Remove the natural blush from your lips.

Simply improving the color of your lips will make your complexion look younger and more alive. Try one of my favorites, Dior Addict lip gloss lip balm Glow Color Awakening, which adapts to the individual chemistry of your lips and makes them shine. And with the wild mango among the moisturizing ingredients, it smells incredibly good.

7. Try a lip oil for your lips.

These nutrient-rich lip oil treatments spread like butter (yes, really) on your lips and also give you a touch of radiant color with no sticky effect. I like this one from Julep, which contains a blend of Korean camellia oil and avocado and rosehip oil.

8. Wear a mask to sleep at night.

During sleep, your skin cells transform and do their most difficult work in cell recovery. This is the best time to hydrate and maintain a tired complexion. I like to use an intensive sleep mask to correct opacity. When you wake up, weeks of wear are gone from your face. Trust me

9. Drink barley tea.

Have you ever visited a Korean restaurant and drank nut-flavored tea? The barely roasted tea is likely to be used to help Korean babies strengthen their skin and general well-being from birth. Barley tea is rich in antioxidants and one study showed that alcohol consumption can improve blood circulation. Some suggest that it can even work as a weight loss drink. You can not be wrong!

10. Open a wafer for each SOS skin.

It was chosen by the most important in first: an ampoule acts as a steroidal facial serum. It contains the highest concentration of activating ingredients to repair, balance and recharge the cells in a short time. Apply a few drops of liquid in a small bottle in front of your pet to treat hyperpigmentation, opacity and, acne.

11. Practice the sections of the mouth.

Three times snake It sounds ridiculous, but many swear that this trick improves the blood circulation and clears the complexion. It certainly can not hurt, so I’ll let you judge.

12. Detoxify your private parts.

Sitting naked in a chair open for 30 to 45 minutes in a pot of boiling water filled with medical and aromatic herbs as articulated. Treatment is designed to help women with infertility problems by “cleaning” the uterus and balancing hormone levels. V-Steams is the subject of virulent critics (three) names, but practitioners swear by them. At least we’re waiting for a half-hour relaxing and surprisingly nice, so yes, it’s worth it. Korean skincare, Korean skincare, Korean beauty, Korean skincare products, k beauty, Korean beauty, Korean beauty tips, Korean skincare,

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