100 Makeup Tips and Tricks For All Women

100 Makeup Tips and Tricks For All Women

Makeup is an art, the one who said it was absolutely right! You can conquer the world with lipstick on your lips and a nice smile on your face, well almost! If you’re having makeup problems, we’ll make it easier for you with these 100 tips and tricks to make your makeup look glamorous right away. With these tips, you can make up in minutes. Here are 102 makeup tips and tricks that all women should know:

Face Makeup
100 Makeup Tips and Tricks For All Women
  1. If you like bulky, lumpy eyelashes: cover them with some translucent powder before applying mascara. Then cover the eyelashes with your favorite mascara. Gives you lumpy lashes and spiders.
  2. To make your own lipstick, melt petroleum jelly in a metal spoon over a flame (lighter or candle), then pour your favorite shade of eye shadow pigment or loose pigments into Vaseline. Mix well Your lipstick is ready now!
  3. Apply a thin layer of Eye Primer not only on the eyelids but also around the eye area before starting to apply makeup. This prevents wrinkles in and around the eye area and you will not see these lines after a few hours.
  4. Use a make-up spray to repair your makeup.
  5. To create shaded lips, apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the inner lips, followed by a darker shade at the corners. Then apply a corrector on the middle of the lips and then gently apply a lip gloss.
  6. This trick can repair your compact products or broken makeup. They need rubbing alcohol used in cosmetics and a dropper bottle. Take the broken product and break it completely into powder form. Now mix the alcohol and the product powder with a dropper. Push the product well and now it’s like new.
  7. Use blotting paper to control the brightness of your face. Rub the blotting paper carefully to collect, do not scrub or clean the oil.
  8. Mix a moisturizer with your favorite lipstick. You would have a cream ready to blush!
  9. If you have lipstick on your teeth, do it. With clean hands, place your index finger between your lips and remove it. The lipstick that was on your teeth would now be on your finger.
  10. Apply a clear eyebrow on the eyelid, remove any loose luster or pigment and place it on the eyebrow gel. It stays in place and works perfectly as a gleaming glue.
  11. To refine your nose, take a brush and plunge it into a bronzer. Next, place a ruler (scale yes) on the thinnest part of the nose, draw a line on both sides of the bronzer and mix it. Spread the remaining product on the nose. This makes it look much smaller and thinner.
  12. Apply natural honey to your face and let it work for 15 minutes. Wash it before putting on makeup. Honey moisturizes the skin very well before applying makeup.
  13. Remove excess makeup with a Q-Tip or correct eyeliner or mascara blemishes.
  14. After makeup, soak your face in a bowl of cold water for 30 seconds. This process is called Jamsu and provides a flawless foundation.
  15. Take cotton balls for long, thick eyelashes. Apply a layer of mascara that separates your eyelashes. Now take a reel brush and rub it on a cotton ball to absorb some of the cotton ball’s fibers. Now, start painting this brush on your eyelashes. Apply a second layer of mascara and repeat if you need more length and volume.
  16. Before applying eyeshadow, cover your eyelid with a white eyeshadow so that the other colors you apply have a bright shine.
  17. Reduce the brightness of your face by applying baby powder. Wait two minutes before rubbing excess with a brush or towel.
  18. For perfect curls, heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer.
  19. To make a shiny lipstick without glitter, apply it with paper towels.
  20. It gives the illusion of a sharp nose by applying a slight correction tone to the bridge of the nose.
  21. Apply the triangular concealer under the eyes to lighten the eye area.
  22. Such an outline (image of Rates) to obtain a perfectly cut face.
  23. Pink Blush is suitable for all skin tones. Use a creamy rose with a touch of gold to get a nice pink glow.
  24. Do not use black and shiny eyebrow pencils, they will look fake to your eyebrows. Instead, opt for a dark brown and natural brown eyebrow pencil to give your eyebrows a specific color.
  25. Never skip the moisturizer under makeup, even if you have extremely oily skin. In this case, use a moisturizer without oil.
  26. Moisten skin well before applying the base, whether you have oily, dry or normal skin. If your skin is not well hydrated, your base will be stained and will highlight the flaws.
  27. If you want your teeth to look brighter, remove some lipstick and remove it. This will clear up your smile immediately.
  28. If you have a nice pink or purple lipstick, you can use it as a blush. Simply apply the lipstick on the cheeks and mix gently. It is not necessary to use a separate blush.
  29. To make your lips look fuller, do the following: Apply a white lipstick to the middle of your lips. Apply a colored lip pencil to the corners of your lips. Apply the lip gloss.
  30. Mark the highest point of your cheekbones, work around the lower part of the cheekbone and apply it between the highlight and the blush outline. Mix perfectly to get perfect make-up.
  31. If your primer becomes orange after a period of time due to oxidation, clean your face before and after applying the primer.
  32. To make your eyes bigger, wear a black mask on the upper lashes and apply a brown mask on the lower lashes. You will clearly see the difference.
  33. Test and adjust your base to the line of the cheek or chin, not to the arms or face. Brush your forehead, chin, and cheek to find the right color to get the right color.
  34. Draw and bend at the same time: put the eyeliner and curl the eyelashes at the same time. Therefore, you need your eyelash curler and at the top, you have to create a line with your eyeliner gel. Then do what you usually do and you can see how your eyeliner is stamped on your upper lashes.
  35. If you have oily skin, choose a powder base rather than liquid or creamy.
  36. To mask dark circles, apply a lipstick under the eyes and apply your usual concealer over it.
  37. Guide an ice cube on your face before applying makeup. It helps makeup last longer without oil on your face.
  38. Make up your eyes before applying makeup. Otherwise, the makeup of your face will be destroyed by dropping the eye shadow.
  39. Use the sharp side of an eyeliner brush and a cream or gel eyeliner to create a dotted line as close as possible to the upper lash line. Now mix the dots to get a smooth, even line. Apply a small amount of transparent eye shadow to your eyeliners to give it a touch of color. You can use this eyeliner tip to connect the dots of each eye shape to get the perfect touch.
  40. To prevent dark enamel from fading, apply a coat of white enamel underneath. In this way, the dark nail polish is alive.
  41. Instead of spraying your favorite perfume all over your body, apply it to the pulse points, such as behind the ears, on the wrists, on the elbows, behind the knees, to create an incredible smell throughout your body. the day.
  42. To create simple smoky eyes, draw a strange hashtag with black eyeliner on the outer edge or corner of your eye. Hide it along the lid and eyeliner and get a smoky eye.
  43. To prolong the life of the lipstick, apply a layer of lipstick, place a tissue on your lips, then apply a loose makeup powder. This will keep your lipstick longer.
  44. Brush your eyebrows with a brown mask.
  45. To be immediately glamorous, apply a moisturizer on the eyelids and apply a bright eye shadow, mix a little and get ready.
  46. Apply lip balm on your eyelids for a healthy glow of your eyelids.
  47. ​​If you have small eyes, apply the eyeliner in a thin line. Thick lines make your eyes look smaller.
  48. Use a spoon instead of a razor to look at the eyes. Put the spoon under hot water. Hold the lashes with the empty or hollow side by placing your thumb against the bump of the spoon and stand up.
  49. If you do not have an eye makeup remover, you can use Johnson & Johnson’s No Tears Baby Shampoo with a cotton ball and lukewarm water to remove make-up.
  50. Here are four steps to getting perfect eyebrows: draw a line under the eyebrows, draw a line on the forehead, blend and increase, and that’s it.
  51. This is the correct order when applying facial makeup: cleanser, serum, moisturizer, base, base, concealer, powder, then bronzer and highlighter.
  52. The white eyeliner can be applied to the waterline of the eyes to make them larger.
  53. Apply the makeup base to the center of your face and mix it. If you apply it on the hairline, it may seem integrated.
  54. Leave your nail polish in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before applying it, as it will not be scratched and smooth.
  55. Dip a lumpy mask into a cup of hot water to loosen it. Then, his mascara flows gently on the eyelashes.
  56. Thicken eyelashes with a layer of mascara first, then sprinkle eyelashes with baby powder, then apply a second coat.
  57. To dull a glossy glaze, take a pinch of cornmeal and a drop of clear hairspray. Dip and mix the cornmeal in the top layer. Apply this mixture on the glossy nail polish at your fingertips. His shiny enamel looks dull.
  58. Add eye drops to the old mask to prevent drying out.
  59. Apply a lip scrub twice a week so that your lipstick glides gently over your lips.
  60. Comb your hair with a wooden comb for beautiful hair.
  61. Avoid using strong moisturizers under make-up, as they can even degrade the primer on the top. Use water-based primers to keep your makeup light.
  62. You can use a good art brush to pinch the eyes, is not it brilliant?
  63. To discover the basic tone of your skin, look at the light of the color of your veins on your inner wrists. When they look bluish, they are cold and when they are green, the skin is warm.
  64. Fill the entire lip with a lipstick before applying lipstick if you do not want your bare lips visible at the end of the day.
  65. Use a good lip balm on the cheekbones if you do not have a marker in your stock.
  66. If your eyes are too tired, apply highlighters to the corners of your eyes.
  67. Use an eye shadow primer to keep your eyebrow product in place throughout the day.
  68. Use a green concealer to cover a red grain.
  69. Apply the “3” tanning powder to the face, covering the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw.
  70. To cover a grain, first apply the foundation, then the concealer and finally the hardening powder.
  71. Make small, hair-like strokes to get natural-looking eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil.
  72. To remove facial fat, use a clear matte agent instead of loose powder.
  73. Apply the base and gently mix the makeup with a beauty blender to get a natural look.
  74. If you apply the primer in front of your corrector, you will not need too much corrector to cover imperfections.
  75. If you have oily skin, use a matte bronzer, a paintbrush and a paler concealer paler than the highlighter.
  76. If your skin does not have a major flaw, simply wipe off the dust to get a fresh look.
  77. Place a pencil or pencil horizontally under the chin, then hold a ruler vertically under the ear. Measure at the intersection of the pencil and the ruler. Less than 5 cm and you look great with short hair. If it’s long, long hair is good for you.
  78. Stick the concealer on the outside of your lips to give your lipstick a livelier look.
  79. Draws freckles on the cheeks and nose to look younger.
  80. Use a concealer lighter than your complexion to lighten the eyebrow area.
  81. Use an eyebrow brush to spread the excess preparation product you have applied.
  82. For a quick glance at the eyeliner with sequins, apply eyelash glue on the eyes and apply a brush for eye makeup.
  83. Do not use concealer under the eyes to cover the buttons, but use a cream cover.
  84. If you have a fat T zone, use a mattifying moisturizer for your T zone and a regular moisturizer for all other areas of the face.
  85. After applying the moisturizer, spray rose water so that the primer works properly.
  86. If you make a mistake with your mascara, plunge a cotton ball into a notebook to remove it and hide it.
  87. Facilitate the use of your eyeliner by heating the tip with a lighter or candle.
  88. Apply the concealer in front of the lipstick to keep it longer.
  89. If you feel sick, use a bright red lipstick to look good and feel good.
  90. Cover the dark area of ​​the eye with an orange lipstick before applying the concealer.
  91. If your eyeliner gel dries, add a few drops to let cool and detach it.
  92. If you do not want to apply an eyebrow product, use a dark brown or brown eye shadow on a beveled brush for eyebrow powder.
  93. Apply Vaseline to your pulsations before spraying the perfume to allow it to last longer.
  94. When you miss eyeliner, immerse an eye brush into the mascara tube and apply it directly to the eyelids.
  95. If your red color is too strong, soften it with a highlighter.
  96. Apply an oil-free primer to prolong the duration of your makeup.
  97. Mix peppermint oil in your favorite lip gloss to get thick lips.
  98. If its surface is too dark, it will be thinned by adding a moisturizer.
  99. To make your lips plumper, apply a beige or white lipstick in the middle of your lips and lipstick.
  100. If you only have 5 minutes to prepare, make up your eyes or lips, not both.
    100. Masks are useful if you are too lazy to remove makeup at the end of the day. Dip your wipes in micellar water for extra profit.

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